Microtel Inn & Suites, Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, United States

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Microtel Inn & Suites
The Microtel Inn & Suites is great hotel that offers guests plenty of reasons to stay here. After a hard day on the road, you’re tired and worn out that is even more reason why your hotel shouldn’t be. That’s why everything at Microtel is new, not a conversion of an old building from another brand. Which means no matter where you go, each property is consistent in construction and design, assuring you a uniform, quality product. Simply put, at Microtel, you’ll get the same great hotel everywhere you go. It all adds up to a clean and comfortable room at a low price.
Why so low? Because they keep frills to a minimum by not having the things you never wanted in the first place, like costly in-room dining service or mints on your pillow. As a result, Microtel is proud to offer the best value and lowest price for quality accommodations. After all, isn’t that what you’re really looking for? At Microtel Inn & Suites they pride themselves on giving you the same great hotel everywhere. A continental breakfast is served daily. All suites offer upgraded amenities and appointments to make your stay enjoyable and comfortable. Whether you are traveling on business or pleasure, this hotel is the ideal place for you.  
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