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i’ve been mia the past couple of weeks because of my sister’s wedding and the lead up to it. luckily i now have plenty of time to get back to blogging and thought i’d just do some crazy posting this evening and show you the beautiful clothes i got to dress up in for the special occasions as well as some buys i and gifts i picked up along the way!

so on the 12th of november it was my sister’s hens day. we celebrated with friends and family at high tea where we sipped on cocktails named breakfast at tiffany’s as well as some tasty teas and munched on the cutest little cupcakes ever. we also played some fun hens games such as hand bag bingo, quiz the bride, and a great activity where every one wrote out a piece of advice on a small piece of paper. i then turned them all into a really cute scrapbook which i gave to my sister.

i completely forgot to ask someone to get a head to toe picture of my outfit for the day/night. here is the best one i have of the majority of my outfit:

dress: alannah hill

an image of the dress i took prior to the occasion!

jewellery for the evening
earrings: bought from a cheap stall in the middle of my local shopping centre
ring: lovisa
cuff: colette

clutch: peeptoe

shoes: lipstick [as seen in this post]
they were extremely painful and for the evening celebrations i eventually changed into a pair of fold-able flats which i bought from priceline for about $10. definitely a fantastic investment.

the other bridesmaid and i also gathered together to buy my sister a wonderful gift to say thank you for including us in her wedding. hopefully when she wears it i can get a good snap of it but for now we’ll have to do with pictures from the website!

tiffany & co. graduated bead necklace

the necklace is just beautiful and also had matching studs [which i bought her for her birthday in september] and a matching bracelet. will definitely have to borrow it. i am a big fan of tiffanys!

all in all, we had a wonderful day and fabulous evening sipping cocktails and enjoying great company!

mel. x

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