Wanderlust Glutton: July 2014

Before making our way to the capital of Perak, we asked our friend for his recommendations of food. We are both not a fan of the famous chicken rice so we were ecstatic that his recommendation were not of the much celebrated dish. Instead he told us to not miss this really good Indian Food in Chemor that is about 20 minutes drive from Ipoh town.

The big ceramic pots of curries greeted us as soon as we entered the restaurant. I thought it was a very inviting sight and just looking at the curries has got me salivating. I just couldn’t wait to savor them!

Restoran Samy is a banana leaf concept Indian restaurant so once seated you’ll have the banana leaf placed on the table, a serving of rice together with a few vegetable dishes and piece of poppadom. The cup of Rasam comes last. For the uninitiated Rasam is a sourish “soup’ made of tamarind based and a lot of Indian spices – believed to aid digestion and serve in many restaurant serving authentic Indian cuisine. I also know many Indians who lose weight just by drinking Rasam a lot in their diet. But as much as I love Indian cuisine, my taste bud has yet to accept the taste of Rasam. Tried many times and fail all the time.

I had already had my eyes set on the Chicken Varuval the moment I saw them looking oh so appetizing at the ceramic pots near the entrance so when my partner asked what I wanted I was quick to point out my choice. First impression didn’t fail, the varuval was robust, bursting with flavors and fiery. Perfect match with white rice! 

The other half too was quite predictable in his choice. Being a fan of fish dishes it is no surprise that he chose fish curry. I am not a fan of anything fish but did had a spoon of the gravy to sample. It was aromatic from the heavy use of spice, slightly tangy and very palatable. 

The fried chicken is interestingly served with a quick dash of curry gravy by the side. I don’t think it does much to the taste though. The fried chicken simply lack of oommph, wasn’t crunchy and was cold. 

While paying for our meal, we also spotted these appetizing looking coconut candies and laddus and we got some to try. The great looks didn’t lie, they are one of the best Indian candies I have tasted! Right amount of ghee and spice, perfect to wash down that curry meal.


70 Main Road, Chemor.

Tel : 05-2014066

Operating hours : 7 AM – 9.30 PM, rest on Monday every fortnight.
(They are usually very packed during lunch hour so do make your way there earlier.)

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